Q4 2018

#129 - Altadore Basement Renovation

We’ve wrapped up what’s quite possibly the most complicated basement renovation this city has seen! Not only were we challenged to make the basement a continuation of the main house, we were asked to open it up to the backyard, creating a robust walkout off the rear detached garage. 6 months later (!) and this family is enjoying their bright, functional and well-connected basement, and have a freshly-landscaped yard to look forward to next summer.


#130 - Lakeview Renovation

We took this Lakeview gem went from its original 1950’s layout and decor, to a sleek and modern family home. Inspired by our “moody” palette, we started with soft, natural finishes, and added dark contrasting features to add depth. By blasting out a series of walls along the width of the house and adding a full wall of windows along the back facade, the house feels significantly bigger and brighter.


Under Construction

If you’re following us on Instagram, then you’ve seen that we have some exciting projects underway. We’ve gutted a raised midcentury bungalow, making way for some stunning living spaces under a newly-vaulted ceiling, and are looking forward to seeing the drywall go up over the next few weeks. We have classic, midcentury modern finishes planned for the new space, including a prominent grey brick fireplace in the living room. Follow progress on Instagram with #131.

Construction will be starting soon on a sleek new office space for a commercial client. Located on the 28th floor of Bow Valley Square, we focused on framing the views, filling the space with as much natural light as possible, and providing a sophisticated place of business. Follow progress on Instagram with #132.

The structure is in place for what will be a favourite room in the house at our Charleswood renovation. This window-filled extension of the front living room will be bright and warm, and opens out onto a large garage-rooftop patio. A new exterior design, including custom planters and benches will be improving the curb appeal and patio function significantly. Follow progress on Instagram with #133.